Hi everybody, I’m Deb. I love my life and I am fortunate to have my best friend, Paul, who also happens to be my husband, loving life along with me. We’ve gone and done something drastic. Drastic, dramatic actions are not necessarily unusual for me, but for Paul well, he relies on me for the drama. The decision to uproot our comfortable life in favor of discovering something unfamiliar is certainly remarkable. Together, we decided to move to New Zealand for a year. Then we freaked out. Then, I quit my job and I freaked out a little more. No choice remained except to move forward and explore more of a country we hadn’t gotten enough of just on vacations. A gracious agreement from Paul’s employer and the availability of technology allows him to continue his work as a computer guy. Once we’d made the choice to turn our lives upside down, I made another revolutionary decision, I started this blog. Simply put, it was the most efficient way to share our adventure with family and friends. Now I’ve realized blogging is also a perfect way for me to chronicle our expedition and preserve the details. Plus, the online platform invites those of you interested in traveling to New Zealand, or anyone looking for inspiration to embrace the unexpected, a chance explore one couple’s story of adventure. Perhaps you’ll find a smile, a laugh or info that makes your visit to my blog worthwhile. So here we are, a couple of tech-nomads acting like kids in love on the ride of our lives, moving from one internet connection to the next, sharing our story of a new zeal and adventure. I’m glad you stopped by. Enjoy your journey.


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